Natural Gas-Powered Bus Explodes In Sweden After Hitting Tunnel Barrier


A natural gas-powered bus exploded on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday morning and the entire scene was captured on camera.

The bus was out of service at the time and Jalopnik reports that it exploded when a tank of natural gas on the roof hit the barriers on the approach to a tunnel in the center of the city. There were initial fears that the blast was a terror-related incident, but authorities soon ruled that out as a possibility.

It is reported that the driver of the bus was heading towards the start of a route in the northern part of the Swedish city but ended up on the wrong road. Signs at the entrance of the tunnel warn drivers that the maximum height of vehicles permitted in the tunnel is 3 meters (9.8 feet).

The driver of the natural gas-powered bus was rushed to a local hospital with severe burns but, fortunately, no one else was injured. That may not have been the case if the bus was in service and loaded with passengers.

Videos and images from the scene showed the bus engulfed in flames shortly after the explosion. A plume of thick black smoke could be seen across the city.

It’s not uncommon for buses and trucks to fall victim to low tunnels and bridges but usually, the results aren’t as disastrous as this. Perhaps fitting a tank filled with flammable natural-gas to the top isn’t the wisest thing to do in the first place…